Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is The Success Formula For Your Business

The Secret of a Successful Business is most times found in the quality of its Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the primary ingredient for success.

  • Determining the business’ vision for the future
  • Setting priorities
  • Focusing energy and resources
  • Strengthening operations
  • Ensuring that employees and other stakeholders are working and doing their parts heading to common objectives
  • Establishing agreement around anticipated effects or outcomes
  • Assessing and adjusting the group’s or organization’s direction in response to altering and always moving situations. It’s the people that comprise the process of strategic planning.
Knowing the Plan in Strategic Planning

Business leaders are responsible for the strategic planning, in particular, establishing the strategic plan. The strategic plan is an instrument used to communicate with the individuals within the group regarding the business’ goals and objectives, the actions needed to be done to achieve specific goals and all of the critical components established during the planning process.

Process of Strategic Planning

Basically, strategic planning is envisioning the desired future of the business, translating this vision into clearly defined goals or objectives, and formulating the steps to be done to achieve them.

There are several distinct frameworks and approaches for strategic planning and management. However, there is no absolute standard and rule in terms of the right framework.

1.Analysis or Assessment

Knowing and understanding the current internal and external scenarios and situations have to be considered in this component. Analyzing and assessing come first to know what aspect needs to be focused.

2.Formulating The Strategy

The Strategy is the formulation of the steps and actions that are supposed to be done. Developing a high level strategy and the documentation of the primary organization’s or group’s strategic plan are considered.

3. Performing the Strategy or Strategy in Action

In this component, the high level plans are going to be translated into actions and operations. The highlight is the shifting from strategic planning to operational planning. Plans are formulated not to let it stay as plans but have to be executed.

4. Evaluation or Sustainment (Management Phase)

Ongoing refinement and evaluating the performance belong in this part of the process. Other issues will more likely to occur, thus they have to be addressed. Another important item is the checking of how the implementing period goes along.

Success is highly probable when having a strategic plan in place. Strategic planning gives the business a guide to which direction the business is going. Having a focus and implementation of a solid strategic plan can lead to a progressive and profitable business.

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