Policy and Procedure Implementation

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Why are Policies and Procedures important in your business?

Policies are formed to establish expectations and to provide supervision on how to handle specific situations in business. These policies and procedures to be implemented will also guide and give direction in terms of what is appropriate behavior.

Need help creating policies and procedures for your company?

Policies and procedures are solutions that address the problems and inconveniences that the business or organization is facing. H.J. Corbett & Associates can help in identifying your company’s needs as well as forming policies and procedures to help your business move toward efficiency and profitability.

Creating Policies and Procedures Subject For Implementation

Prior to the period of implementation is the period of creation of the policies and procedures that are to be implemented for the betterment and progress of the business. In the creation period, the following processes help business move toward efficiency and profitability:

Identifying the necessity for the specific policy and procedure.

Policies and procedures are solutions that address the problems and inconveniences that the business or organization is facing. Identifying the individuals’ or members’ needs within the group is a significant action in forming policies and procedures.

Determining the policies and procedures content

Specifying and distinguishing the content of the policies and procedures are needed to be done to avoid confusion and misinterpretation in the period of applying and abiding the policies and procedures.

Clarity is essential, what is important is that the individuals have a clear understanding of the policies and procedures, and why they exist. Often this can be accomplished by having representatives of the affected group participate on the working committee.

Communicating with the individuals involved in the establishment of the policies and procedures

Ensuring the adherence to the policies and procedures are not just a subject for consultation prior to the drafting period but when the draft is ready, it is then to be consulted. In this period, gaining the support of other individuals is important. There must be broad acceptance, or “buy in”, of the policies and procedures before there can be buy in.

Each Individual should know the background information as to why these specific policies and procedures have to be implemented. Explain that change has to happen not just for the good of the business but for the good of themselves as well. Considering the means of distributing or disseminating the policy must also be determined and discussed.

Updating, reviewing and editing the policies and procedures to be implemented.
Policies and procedures that are going to be implemented have to be clear, well-established and address the needs and inconveniences to be fixed and to be heeded. Thus, reviewing and revising are essential before the implementation. Updating the people involved and informing them abroad out the alterations (if there is) have to be done as well. When everything is fixed and the draft can be ratified by the authority, then implementation can begin.

Post-Implementation Period of Policies and Procedures
When the created and ratified policies and procedures are ready for the implementation, the process does not end there. Taking good care of the policy and procedure’s implementation period is significant. The continuity and sustainability of the implementation have to be observed as well. The policies are to be followed and respected not just on the first days of implementation but have to be maintained.

Policies and procedures implementation take time and have to be planned and organized, but this makes it well-established and ensures success. With that, the betterment and progress of the business where there is order and sense of professionalism places that business on a high level of success.

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